The Valet Movie Review : A Quick Guide

the valet movie review

The Valet is a French romantic comedy written and directed by Francis Veber. Starring Daniel Auteuil and Gad Elmaleh, the film follows François Pignon, a lowly parking attendant, who attempts to save his best friend’s marriage by posing as the man’s mistress’ secret lover.

This cleverly-crafted, light-hearted film is sure to please any moviegoer looking for a good laugh. While the story line may be simple and predictable, the performances from the two lead actors make this a thoroughly enjoyable watch. Auteuil and Elmaleh bring a perfect blend of wit and charm to the film, providing both entertaining moments and genuine heartfelt emotion.

Pignon’s plight is both humorous and heartwarming, as we are continually rooting for him to find a way to bring his friend’s family back together. The Valet is a delightful French comedy that is sure to leave you with a smile on your face.

1. Overview of the story

The Valet is a French comedy-drama directed by Francis Veber and starring Daniel Auteuil and Gad Elmaleh. The plot follows François Pignon, a financially struggling yet kind-hearted parking valet, who is asked by his wealthy friend, François, to pretend to be his lover in order to save the reputation of a politician. A series of plot-twists and misunderstandings ensue, leading to a comedic and heartwarming story of friendship and loyalty.

2. Character Development

The Valet is a film that excels in character development. We get to know each character and their motivations for their actions, allowing us to sympathize with their struggles. The main character, Julien, is a man who has been forced to take drastic measures to support his family, only to find himself in the middle of a complicated love triangle. Along the way, he meets a colorful cast of characters that help him find his way. From the eccentric old neighbor, to the wise and observant businessman, to the loyal assistant and her daughter, each character has their own story that adds depth and complexity to the narrative.

3. Cinematography

The cinematography in The Valet is top-notch. The film captures the hustle and bustle of Paris with vibrant colors and a frenetic energy. The camera work is especially impressive during the scene in which Valet and his friends are walking through the streets of the city, as the camera follows them through tight alleyways and winding paths. The shots are expertly framed and filled with small details that add to the atmosphere of the film. The cinematography of The Valet is a large part of what makes it an excellent viewing experience.

the valet movie review

4. Soundtrack

The soundtrack for The Valet is a whimsical and lighthearted accompaniment to the movie’s lighthearted and humorous narrative. The score is composed by celebrated composer Alexandre Desplat, and it features a variety of lighthearted, orchestral pieces that perfectly capture the tone of the movie. The soundtrack also includes a few classic French tunes, adding a nostalgic touch to the film. All in all, the soundtrack is the perfect accompaniment to the movie, and it helps to set the mood and atmosphere of the film perfectly.

5. Overall Impression

Overall, The Valet is an enjoyable film that will leave viewers feeling satisfied. The film has a lighthearted feel that is supplemented by the strong performances of its two leads. The direction, cinematography, and music all add to the film’s overall effect, creating an atmosphere of light-heartedness and charm. The Valet is a well-crafted film that is sure to entertain movie-goers of all ages.


In conclusion, “The Valet” is a delightful movie that balances drama and comedy perfectly. The cast is superb, with Gad Elmaleh’s performance being a particular highlight. The script is well-written, with plenty of sharp dialogue and witty one-liners. The end result is an enjoyable and fun film that’s sure to leave viewers feeling uplifted and entertained.

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